Boost your business


A quick way to make your business stronger

From time to time, every business needs a boost. You may need answers to some questions, or perhaps need help to decide on your future direction. My Business Booster package is useful for anyone who needs marketing help, an injection of enthusiasm or to work out what promotional activities will propel your business forward. 

Book a Business Booster session with me now. By the end of the session, I promise you'll feel clearer about what you need to do next, more upbeat and enthused. 

Here's how the Business Booster package works:

  • You book the package and answer a couple of simple questions about the help you need
  • I'll take a look at your website, social media and any other relevant information
  • We have a zoom-call, up to two hours long, during which time I'll provide you with as much help and support as I possibly can to help you resolve whatever issue you want to cover
  • After the session I'll send some bullet point notes, and signpost you to other materials.

The sessions are very practical, and will give you clear next steps and ideas you can implement immediately. I've worked in tourism marketing for over 30 years so can often help you find solutions very quickly. 

The Business Booster package costs £175+VAT. 

Interested? Email to book your session now